How to Engage an Audience at a Concert


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1) Know Your Audience
Because this performer was in front of an older, “folky” audience, he knew that being friendly and approachable was a great way to relate, and yet, he was in total command of his show.

In other words, HE was clearly the master entertainer, and THEY were clearly the audience, but at the same time, he was one of them.

TAKEAWAY: Know who you’re performing for – ask ahead of time about the expected makeup of the audience, and confirm that information with your own two eyes before and during your set.

2) Own The Show
Not once did the performer refer to lyrics or notes he’d written to himself.

There was no “let’s see, what shall I do next? Oh, I know…”

music concertTAKEAWAY: Go into each performance knowing exactly what you’re going to do so you can focus on the audience and their needs. (And have a few plan B’s in your back pocket in case things aren’t going as you’d hoped.)

3) Scan The Audience Throughout
The performer looked audience members in the eye, walked back and forth across the front of the stage, and generally checked in throughout his set.

For me, I like to have the house lights at least partially up when I perform so I can see faces and gauge reactions.

Do they look engaged?


Too serious?

Time for a fast song?

advice for musiciansTAKEAWAY: Monitor the audience throughout your show and respond accordingly.

4) Get Them Involved
Again, this was a folk music audience, so they jumped right in at the chance to sing along. But the performer also had a question or two for the audience, and a call and response piece.

In my own experience, I haven’t met an audience yet – younger or older, music venue or library – that doesn’t like to participate in some way in the show.

TAKEAWAY: Find ways to encourage participation in what you’re doing, whether that’s during some of your pieces, or in between, or both.

5) Self-Deprecate
Just before playing something really special and technically demanding, the performer made fun of his own lack of smarts in the song introduction. It lightened the mood and made him that much more relatable.

TAKEAWAY: This is certainly not for everyone, but consider how you might make yourself a bit vulnerable – or take yourself a bit less seriously – on stage.

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Thanks for sharing these awesome tips on engaging an audience at a concert! It's all about creating that special connection with the crowd.
Knowing your audience is key to creating a memorable experience. Understanding their preferences and connecting with them on a personal level is a game-changer. And it's always smart to confirm the audience makeup and gauge their reactions during your set.
Owning the show with confidence is crucial. Going in prepared, without relying on notes, allows you to focus on the audience and their needs. Having a few backup plans in your back pocket ensures a smooth performance even if things don't go exactly as planned.
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