How to create distorted vocal sound??


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I’ve always wondered how artists do this. I’m trying to figure out how it’s done but nothing I can think of will pull it off.

The effect is commonly used by Blackbear. I thought the voice was pitched down but after listening I’ve determined it’s the same pitch but the vocals are just being pulled in a way.omegle xender

I don’t have enough posts to put links but if you listen to STFU by Manzionz 2:35-2:48 his voice channels in and out of the effect a couple times here.

Blackbear also does it in idfc at 1:38-1:43. I would really appreciate any help with this!!

Does anyone know how to do this in FL Studio? Or just with vocal production in general?

Thank you in advance!!
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Definitely believe you're thinking about formant shifting here! If I remember correctly, it simulates changing the vocal throat depth, so it makes the voice sound "deeper" or "higher" without actually changing the note. All the fancy guys nowadays are doing it w/ Little AlterBoy. It's pretty killer and often goes on sale!
I also like doing formant shifting in autotune, but you won't get it until at least the artist level iirc. They do have a subscription nowadays that includes all their vocal products if you're looking to get into strict vocal processing.

Waves has some nice formant shifting stuff too, vocal bender seems nice and Waves always have some kind of deal going on. Just keep an eye out for the good ones, never pay full price for a Waves product tho lol.

A few years ago I would do my formant shifting in KeroVee (which is free), which sort of worked. If you've got Pitcher in FL Studio, you'll be able to get a similar effect with the 'gender' knob, but I remember having mixed results. Could work tho!!!

Just automate that formant down, maybe eq out some lows, and perhaps some saturation and you'll be on a first class trip to Blackbears sad rich west coast paradise o_O