How money flows back to artists, labels, publishers

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Depends on your definition of producer and how you agree/contract to provide your services

If you are the kind of producer that means you create all the music then you are at the same level as the songwriter/composer

If you are the kind of producer who provides a service of getting the best out of performers managing the budgets (time and money) and contracting musicians then you are probably on a one time payment plan rather than an ongoing sharing of royalties

You can share in royalties if the songwriters (composers and lyricists) cut you in on the split sheet - some do, some don't; some will consider it, some won't!

Don't forget that in this game the people who must be paid up front or just after are the contracted musicians, the recording engineers, the mix engineers, the mastering engineers. Any money that flows from royalties will go towards paying of the advance (loan) from the label/venture capitalist/bank first and only after that has been finalised, does any one else see any of that royalty money

Singers, songwriters, band members, etc get paid on the smell of an oily split sheet in the never never of 4 or 5 quarters in the future - if that is what you want to pursue by all means sign a split sheet and expect to never see any money or to wait a very long time for any money


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Thanks for the share.

If people choose to use these channels this sums it up pretty well.


On a side note tho, this flow chart omits the newer "direct to fan" business model that most musicians are adopting in an attempt to eliminate the unnecessary middlemen. I'm all about that model.


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Yup thats pretty much it. The confusing and unnecessarily complicated system of the monetization process of music
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