How is the negotiation between 2 artist managers?


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Sorry if there are mistakes in my post, I'm French.

My best friend is looking for artists to perform her compositions in concert, and on tour if possible.
I want to help her on a voluntary basis by contacting agents/artistic agencies abroad in order to have her compositions interpreted, recorded, etc.

As I don't have the codes at all, I'm afraid I may not sound serious enough, so I need advice please.
For example, let's imagine that some artists' agents may be interested in my friend's compositions, and would like their artist to perform them in concert, or to record them.
What kind of contract could they want to make with my friend?
I'm talking specifically about the contract that would be negotiated between the talent agency and my friend, I'm not talking about the production contract for shows or recordings.

Basically, how does a negotiation between artistic agents take place?
Does it vary by country?
I would love to hear some feedback on how it's going, please.

Also, what law applies. For example, if I negotiate with an agency based in US, will it be US law ?

Thanks a lot


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