How do "re-mixers" get hold of acapella's?


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When there's a big tune that drops, you can guarantee there's a few remixes to go with it shortly after it gains acclaim.

I often wonder though, how these producers that do the re-mixes get hold of the acapella's for the songs.

I'd like to do some of my own, and the acapella's are never available.

I mean maybe they contact the artist directly, that's the only option I could think of but they must be damn difficult to get hold of. How the hell would they contact them?

The only acapella's Iv'e been able to find are the ones that are officially released by the artists them selves. Other than that they're non existent.

Any ideas?

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Most likely what's happening is that the remixers are big enough that the artist/label would ask them personally to do a remix or they would contact the artist/label directly requesting the acapella and they would see that they were talented and popular enough to pull it off well.

Basically, unless you're well established you have very little chance of getting an exclusive acapella from anybody significantly famous. There are websites and forums that traffic in super rare acapella's that aren't released to the public, but you have to build up a reputation in them. The only way to do that is to have something to offer them in return (exclusive acapellas or stems or your own that they do not already have).

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When I (or any other mix engineer) delivers mixes to the label, we always include an a cappella. Labels used to often release them on maxi singles, but that is rare these days. Usually they send it out to certain remixers. In some situations a label will contact me and ask me to generate certain stems of a record I mixed to give to a certain remixer.

If you dig hard enough, you can often find the a cappellas floating around on the internet, but often the quality is not the best.


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A lot of remixes are bootlegs too. They just EQ or Filter out as much of the original song as possible and put the acapella over their own beat and run with it.


few ways.. acapella sites, isolating vocal frequencies, swapping with other producers or getting them directly from the producer themselves.


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I use Google and vinyl records. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find an acapella for a song.


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another old trick is to get the instrumental, usually a lot easier to come by, and reverse/flip the phase in your audio editor. now line the flipped instro up with the regular song and play together. The reversed phase instro cancels out the normally phased music in the original song, leaving only the vocals.


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I just downloaded the Rihanna acapella in my signature from Acapellas4u, and then played some piano over it. Google Acapellas4u.
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