how do i clean my pop filter


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a lotta people have been using my pop filter and it's starting to stink how do i clean this thing is there like a special technique


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sorry no tips to help, i'm just glad i dont have that prob at the moment! damn, when rapper said they spat i thought it was just a turn of phrase...



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I was wondering the same thing. My pop filter smells like the last artist that used it just ate a ASS sandwich...


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Well, clean it with some kind of mild soap, and rinse it well.

If you have trouble getting the smell out ... just go get a bottle of Febreze odor-remover from your local supermarket.

That stuff is a miracle!


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Whats the point of cleaning a pop-filter when you can get a new one for a few bucks? Throw it a way or get new stocking from your g/f :-)

Alternatively, you could get a Stedman metal pop-filter. Not only can you wash them, they even filter the plosives better!


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i agree with a new one. they're like 20 bucks man, and a smelly pop filter is unsanitary and unprofessional.