How did you get your foot in the door??


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This question goes out to all paid dj's. I'm just curious as to how you guys got your foot in the door. Was it via a demo, contacts etc..?

Thanks in advance!


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1. Whore your tapes, CD to everyone that is anyone....(make sure your have a number on there ;)

2. Wait for people to call....this is a hard one cause not everyone will call "if anybody", I hustled my residence by takling to the owner for a long time and praticly bugging the piss right out of him till he finally agreed to give me a tryout.I think the main reason behind the tryout though was because practically everyone in the club already had my CD .....that or he just couldn't stand me bugging him every night ;)

3. The Tryout: usally will be a 20 to 30 minute set with all the DJ's and owner watching your every move....Intimidating as hell.....if you can play under that much pressure, you can get through anything...but hey, that's were the practise comes in :) after that hopefully they will say ya or nay.....

That's my experiance anyway....I am sure there are many other ways of doing such a thing....

deejay cb

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I havent begun to spin party's, but I have a friend who I have helped record demo's and distribute tapes. Basically we just went to party's and passed tapes to people that had influence or hosted party's, and sometimes we even gave them to DJ's that were spinning(not while they were spinning of course). Thats what got him in the door

Alex TC

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Well, u´ve got to be good yes but, here where I live (and pretty much anywhere else I´ve beet to, sice it´s a small world...:D) it pays alot to be friends to the right ppl. I´d go far as to say it works for every job for that matter, even drug dealing.. hehehe! I´ve this as a life lesson, ur skills are worthless w/out the `social` skills! After all, u´ve got to let ppl know u´re any good so working a good tape and handing the copies to ur promoters/owners and the like is a good idea.

Another good way to make it is spinning at friend´s and particular gigs whenever possible (it woks wonders for ur confidence and felling too) to let ppl know ur work. I started as an independent mobile and in less than a yr I had ppl asking me and ofering bigger and bigger gigs until I got raves and clubs to spin at - this friend´s network is a sure shot because after all promoters and the like are looking for public - if a dj is good enough to bring his own ppl in, then it is like `added value`. Or something...

Alex TC in The Mix! Best Regards to All!