How can i sample a song with drums?


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If there's already drums in the sample, there's only so much you can do.
-Layer your own drums on top in the same pattern so it doesnt conflict.
-Try using EQ and filters to quiet the originals as much as possible.
-Chop the sample or flip it to get around the drum hits.


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Along with the previous posts -
Think of using the drums (in the sample) in a different "rhythmic" way. Try to make the drums in the sample "supplement" your drums.
This works for me, especially after layering and EQ-ing.
The way you flip (style) and what you focus on in the sample slices (chops), are two important factors.
Experiment with various flip patterns.

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Well it depends. Layering is not always a good idea. Many times you can just take the sample as it is and leave the drums intact as they are. Madlib does this all the time and just boosts up the low end. Drums don't always have to be super loud. It depends on the vibe of the song. Some samples sound good with layered drums but other times it will just make the beat sound really messy and bad. Its not about how much effort you go to with the sample but how it actually sounds. If your sampling artists who have dope music then chances are they made a good creative decision when they recorded the song so you gotta' be careful not to overcook it.
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just to reiterate what everyone basically already said... when i sample something that has drums in it.. i try to sequence the sample in a way that the drums are still on beat... and then i layer my own drums on top of it, but i tend to try to mix in a way that even when i layer my drums, it all still sounds like the same sample.. just the way i do things


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You can use software such as Izotope's RX7 to take away drums. It doesn't always work perfectly, plus it's pretty pricey. But a lot of the times it can work and the drums will be taken away completely or really heavily reduced.


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Typically if you are just trying to get a melody, you can just put a high pass filter on the sample. You will still here the highs of the drums, but it will free up a lot of room for your drums to sit underneath it.

If you are making hip hop you usually want to create room in the low end for your drums to sit.


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I have this problem to sometimes especially with sampling 80s records cause they already have drum-machines in it.
Basically take extra time to find the right snare/kick that has at least just as much power as the drums on the record.

Sampling a song with already hard drums on it is more difficult especially if you want to filter the sample in certain parts of the beat. The hard drums will fall away from the sample when you Low-Pass and your own drums gotta be able to compete with that. Feel me?
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if you've got ableton you can get something called max 4 live spleeter. It's like a dollar and it splits any track into 4 stems, so you could have the melody separate from the drums in that case. google m4l spleeter and it'll come up. takes a bit to install, but it's 100% worth it!!