How can I make this tune?


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I really want to know how i can make a sound. I’m using FL Studio and I hope I can make this sound one time. The sound it is about:

Please search on YouTube:
Mij niet eens gezien | 00:4 – 01:07 |
Know No Better | 01:05 – 01:20 |
One Night Stand | 01:13 – 01:26 |

It’s like the sound of a mixed voice, or some type of flute ( I really don’t know what is sounds like). So does anybody knot how i can make this sound? It would help me a lot, because it would finish my song.

I hope somebody can help me,

Thank you!


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Hey GIvIb ?,
I listen to the songs you gave and I think they are 2 ways to get this kind of flute/voice sound as you say :

According to me, the easiest one is to use Arcade voices by Output. If you don't know it, it's a very cool synth voice plug-in that uses libraries, like Kontakt, and it gives exactly this kind of sound. There's also a Kontakt Library called "Exhale", which is a good lite alternative to Arcade.

But if ever you can't have one of these, you can still try to design it yourself, with a dirty flute sample as Omnisphere's " Lotus Flute", on witch you can put a filter and layer it with a soft electronic lead.

Hope this answer will help you to finally finish your song:berzerk:
YouTube :


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Hi Vibout,

Damn, that's exactly what I needed to know, thank you so much! It wil definitely help me finishing my song.

BTW, I took a look at your YouTube Channel. It sounds really amazing. Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,



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Those are three different sounds. You could use the programs mentioned above. But it’s really a particular quality you’re looking for.

The first is auto-tune. The second is auto-tune on the vocal and maybe on the synth (or a filter like it). The third is a synth, perhaps with auto-tune, but also with a lot of “glide” (glissando or pitch slide between notes; this is a standard synth feature).

Whether you use a synthetic vocal program, a vocoder, or just a synth sound with a prominent sine wave run through a tuning plug in, you want to focus on glissando/“glide,” and probably an envelope that gives you little attack or decay, so that each note slides into the next.

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