How about this for an idea?


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five.pence said:
Good plan, but slight flaw! Willing sponsers are quite thin on the ground in the area of the UK that i live in! Unless your inventing a new kind of Cider, then you'll get tons on cash!!! :D

:D Ok let me get crackin on the cider :D


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V is right!

V is right, and seems to be able to word it better than i can!

So, if people can't understand what i'm babbling on about read V's reply for a better description!


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According to another thread in the scratching forum, posted by repleate (?), the Coldcut boys, have come up with something that bolts on top of a record and reads the movements of the vinyl, which lets the user "scratch" WAVs, AIFs and Video footage on their PC, I don't know much about the product as all i've heard about it, is from that thread.

The ideas are technically the same, but my idea is designed more for the mixing of tracks in the normal way we're all used to. By the sounds of it, Coldcuts device is more of an elaborate sampler & visual aid. Doesn't mean i don't want one though! ;)


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It looks like the author has stopped adding new information to this thread. I actually like the idea. So if nobody is against, I will borrow it for my forum. I will create the same discussion. I am from Chicago I wonder how many participants it will attract. Possibly it will not be as popular as I expect, but I will give it a try.
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