His Last Words (Orchestral BGM unfinished)


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This is a project I worked on, took about 2 days of binge composing, lol, I came up with a simple melody on my piano, and I built upon it on fl studio. It's a sad song, because it's suppose to portray a certain character's death in a game i'm developing.

I only finished the piano part, and it's full of imperfections, it feels too colorful, need to work on better transitions and make it longer. I'm planning on adding the full orchestra this week.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Excellent composition! I'd suggest a bit more sustain pedal on your piano, it would give it more ambience with the notes flowing together. As far as color goes, slap a low pass filter on the piano with a gentle curve and just tweak slightly left until it sounds right. Keep it going, should be awesome when it's done.