Hip Hop In Session Chord Progressions Package?


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I've bought a few of their tutorials, they helped me to get started. Pretty informative and decent quality. I think I'm going to grab this one.


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i purchased that one, i must say it wasnt bad, i thought it was entertaining and i did learn a thing or two. its not going to make you jayz or whatever but it'll be a stepping stone.


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i bought it and it is very confusing but im going to keep trying to get it down packed cause being a beatmaker and not knowing chord progression is a FAIL!! but i will def. say that if your serious about being a beat maker or producer then invest in yourself and take the chance.


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Yea I have it two, it's not worth the money, you can pretty much get the main information and the point from 3 of his free Chord Progressions videos on his site, or like dude said just Youtube them. I love T but more times he talks a lot and wastes a lot of video time. Sometimes I'd be watching his videos wishing he's get to the point but instead he'll be blabbing about something. But the information that he does provide is useful though.

I also purchased his tutorials on drum patterns and I swear to you I was so pissed off I e-mailed him and he e-mailed me back becuase I went off on him. Basicly I told him all the advertising he was doing and the way they describe the tutorial happened to not be the same at all.

The video, if I added up all the footage...probably added up to an hour ot tutorial, meanwhile they where advertising learning drum patterns in depths, from swing, to tempo, to velocity, learning drum patterns for all genres...not of that happens.
It was a basic tutorial pretty giving u common sense and he used one example to explain all his concepts. Also different genres of hiphop was barely mentioned if mentioned at all.

All this to say, the descriptions and the hype on this site, didn't amount to the content I received.


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i bought the hip hop in session package years ago from todaysbeats and it was real good wth learning how to make different hip hop genres in Reason but i lost it.