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Dont buy it the An1x

hey Djmerlin sup ? hope i caught you in time because there a few things you will need to know bout the An1x or actualy the whole yamaha 1x family ...
They are all control synthsizers which is agood thing and i agree the price is low BUT first they are 32 polyphony which is low for asample playback synth secondly and much more importantly the have what you call "Performance mode" and "Multi mode" which in basic midi terms means: You get one booming channel of up to 4 layers (Layers are like oscilators but they use already set and not very programble instruments) that means you only get one channel on amidi sequncer!! can you imagine paying 400$ for one channel!?
although there is atrick of accsessing the the 1x family synths instrument banks (bank:8064-8076} and using 1 performance channels and 12 instrument channels you must understand that those 12 channels will have no internal fx no delays,reverbs nothin they will have only the knobs (cutoff,resonance,attack etc..)to control them this may not be aproblem if you will mix those channels to audio (Add effect in sound forge or other wave editor) but it is amajor disadvantge in asynth and avery big hard disk space eater... you could open 4 channels using diffrent layers playing the same notes to get to a for example pad with strings and a wind effect on it and maybe abit of sub bass but that will take 4 channels for one line... oh yea and the An1x doesnt have any drum kits :) i use the cs1x which i got for free :) for acontrol synthsizer and an XG instrument {piano,orch hit etc..} what i think you should do is this 1) get the cs1x but only if you use audio to add effects to the 12 multi channels 2} I dont know whats the price in your country but if you want yamaha get the rm1x it will do it all 64 polyphony 16 channels with 3 fx engine on each one its an internal seq with much more presets much better sound and much more verastile and professional then the an and cs1x togther (actually the house track by Darude called "Sandstorm" was done mostly on the rm1x :)
3) save up some money and get yourself amodule amodule is the same as asynth except it doesnt have the keyboard i would suggest to get and "E-mu" and if your into house music or other dance music get yourself and X-treme lead 1 its also 16 channels 64 polyphony and it KICKS MAJOR *** igot one and im very about it :) its also upgradable to 32 channels and 128 voice and added roms for presets and sounds ! picture that 32 channels out of 1 unit its asmall studio
well i hope i helped you replay and tell me if you got more questions


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I really appreciate your concern, and i can say that i have not bought the an1x. I thought it over and decided to get a better synthesizer, which one i dont really know yet.

anyways... as i said... thanx for the advices.