hi there,from manchester


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hi everyone, i never knew this forum was around when i first started producing and vinyl DJing-i wish id seen it.
i am not academic in any form but i am very creative in lots of ways,im a mixed media artist,ceramics producer and DSLR photographer-all with a supported art studio for young people and adults with intelectual disability.

i started both music production and DJing about-2000,self taught thru constant experimenting as i didnt let people into my life at that point to learn from them,i was offered a voluntary job working as a DJ for 3 major hospital radios but because i was non verbal i was let go-obviously they woudnt get away with that now.
i am quite different to most people involved in this passion or line of work-i am non verbal severely autistic,i have mild intelectual disability, quite severe epilepsy (lifelong,different forms) ,physical disabilities caused by over restraint etc i got moved into residential care at a young age and all my musical and studio equipment became dust atracting ornaments,all stacked away in my bedroom.
i have suffered badly from brain injury caused by lifelong epilepsy,so in short i have lost all music production knowlege and remember little bits of DJing.

so,im starting again, with entry level software sadly-i bought an absolutly terible one a while ago from steam i remember it as each time i go to my desktop and come back here i forget- but its probably a good thing i cant be bothered with it as its so bugged. it wont even run full screen on my laptop which is a brand new ryzen 7 gaming laptop so tomorow im buying fl studio fruity edition andd from there il just upgrade hopefuly when my long term memory processes and remembers how to produce music.

anyway thats me,thanks if you got this far. :)
from emlyn.