Hi. I'm Eplanet. I'm blacklisted & about to start striking.


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I trained for years before attempting to enter the industry. I promoted an artist in 2011. I told her at the start to wait on signing a contract. I brought a variety of professionals from the music and film industries in. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kanye...yes, it was taken entirely to the top.

I sent this unknown a partial mix. Three days later I was incarcerated. I had a total of 8 defense attorneys. I have started a lawsuit and corruption is one of the allegations.

Lorde is guilty of intellectual property theft from me. She also has a stalking song directed to me, "Team"...the first four lines have been removed from airplay in the last 2 cities I have been in since the complaint has been filed. I am wondering, are they removed in your city as well? (wait til your announced...she'll send the call out)

The song "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift is also directed to me and part of the suit.

UMG is a defendant for distributing these.

This is hardly a big secret in the industry. There are many artists and songs about this situation.

I thoroughly expect the spin factory to be in full effect attempting to derail my efforts here.

I intend to add multiple defendants from a gossip site as well for multiple counts of slander, defamation, harassment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

I only determined that I am actually blacklisted very recently. Things are about to start going very poorly for anyone responsible and those who oppose me.

I am interested in making connections, establishing a foothold in the industry, and god forbid, laying down some tracks.

I expect some of my work will be a few releases with a "ThunderStrike(struck)" theme.

I have not shared much of my work or experimenting. Of items shared during the time of these events, the first got Katy involved. The last got everybody else in the industry involved. This will only be denied by those interested and attempting to have me blacklisted, ie. the subversive. Yes, after resolution and recovery begins, my music will start making other releases available to the general public seem watered down. Possibly to the point of a sort of high in the future.

I am very socially conscientious. Something I am promoting is a global holiday on both equinox. Another is a non-government coalition to address a variety of global issues, perhaps focusing its efforts on a national level, but more than one nation at a time. Something transparent, consisting of representation of everyday individuals from around the globe, as well as the most esteemed of any given field. Designed that anyone may participate. Just some basics to get the ball rolling...I look forward to the day when mine is one of many voices addressing the structure and implementation of something such as this.

I will be back for discussion of this and to check on my other threads once I have rested and organized some.
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Well i do remember your name from a post i requested deleted when i was talking about the scandal previously...then you were interacting, i suspect playing me?

And the other guys that are good enuf got together for this. You ..."blacklist"..?..."bots"?...because you lack a variety of skills needed to attempt this with a person.