help me get started using some sort of software



i am looking to purchase some software for my PC, i seem to be looking at Cubase. I ahve quite a good PC 650 mhz p3, 128 mb RAM, CDRW, Labtec speakers and woofer. I have been djing for quite a while but i really want to make my own tunes and cut them onto cd and go from there. But can u help me??? I know nothing about cubase, no problems with computers but just dont know wot i need to get going. Help people
If you don't have any outboard music gear (IE instruments) then your best starting point is gonna be s/w such as Rebirth or Reason. These are all-in-one music programs that will enable you to compose your own tunes.

Alternatively if you're interested in samples and loops, you should check out Acid from Sonic Foundry. This is a brilliant program which allows you to build up a track using samples & loops. It syncronizes the loops automatically so they all play in time!