Help identifying notes in these songs.


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Hello! I'm an aspiring musician who just downloaded Cakewalk a week ago and I would like to remix some music from one of my favorite video games using it. Dead Space 3 to be exact. I'm having trouble identifying the notes in the songs. Could you all help me with identifying the notes? I've listened to the songs and tried to play the notes on the instruments built into Cakewalk but I just can't seem to match them up.

Thanks in advance!


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What exactly do you mean by "match notes?" There is a lot of music in those cues, as they develop. You should be a bit more specific, but if you mean "key" or "root notes," The first, second, and fourth video are based in C, the third one seems to be in G (or, Em-- the first two chords are Em to G, root notes E to G).