Hello, new on the forum, looking for guidance on Music Publishing.


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Hello, this is my first time on the forum, I'm from Panama so please excuse me if my English isn't very clear from time to time, I have been a composer for the past 20 years, very tough 20 years specially because in my country the mentality about music is still in very early stages compared to other countries. My dream was to be a composer for films ...well ... a couple of years ago I started to stop dreaming and wake up to the reality in which I am currently living at least in this side of the world, I decided to create a small company to license music as part of a Production Music Library that I'm putting together now, it is all in very very early stages and I really wish to know about Music Publishing for Production Music Libraries, so if anyone here can give me some light on this subject I will really appreciate it.

I don't want to be annoying making a million questions so I would post the most confusing to me right now.

1. If I would like to add songs to my Library from a composer registered lets say with ASCAP should I then join ASCAP as a Publisher? They ask for a U.S. social security number and a credit card issued by a U.S. bank, which I do not have.

2. In case I could not register myself or my company as a publisher with ASCAP can I still signed contracts with the composer to add his/her music into my Production Music Library? Maybe I would not receive any royalties as a publisher for that piece of music but could I still add the song to my Library and license it so I can earn at least from what my clients are paying me to download the song while the composer earn the full royalties for him or herself?

3. If I manage to register my company or myself in a Royalty Collection Society as a Publisher but the composer is not registered then can I register the songs as a publisher or the composer needs to be registered to?

4.What advice can you give me when starting a Production Music Library company?

5.Do someone knows of any online courses about Music Publishing? I am very interested in taking at least 1 to start.

I will apreciate any answers and/or advices you can give to me in this subject.

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you're in panama? are you panamanian? i'm asking because laws and rules are different everywhere. for example. anything you make in the usa is copywritten whether you've registered it or not. what makes it illegal for anyone to profit from your work is having it registered like through a distribution company that gives you publishing power. find out your countries laws man. good luck.