Headwrecking stuff


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Hi,i have been dabbing away at producing for a few years,but im one of these that never gets anything finished.
anyway,one of my problems is which way is best syndrome
i used ti think when i started when im making a track i was supposed to have it left at around -6db when finished mixing,then its ready for mastering stage.
Then i watched videos on k system which messed with my head for a while.
My latest headwrecker is i looked into isound reference,and it calibrates my headphones. i have AKG 712.
When they get calibrated i then have to boost the bass a lot on kick and bass .
Is producing on headphones an absolute wasted of time then unless you are using something like reference?
oh and another headwrecker was a successful producer was starting of his tracks with kick just below 0db on the master.
He was using oxford inflator and a limiter on the master. He didnt need to master the track then.
Im producing dance music by the way.