Has sample clearance ever affected your creativity?

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I have been doing multi-layered sampling for fun for some years. I have now nearly finished arranging a full album. A lot of my samples are obscure and hard to recognise but it struck me that some samples although not super-mainstream would be noticed if I ever released my bedroom album. On deadringer did you ever worry about this or even change/drop samples because of sample clearance worry??? Or did Defjux just sort everything???
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Yeah I have always wondered the same thing. Should you worry about samples when doing instrumental hip hop with lots and lots of samples like RJD2 does or just let the label sort it out. I guess the label (if you got one) would tell you what to drop, right?

rjd2? yes rjd2.

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they just told me what i had to replace AFTER the song was done. kind of a *****. dont sweat it now; just put your record out. nobody is making any $$$ off record sales now anyways, so sooner or later its not gonna be fiscally sensible to sue anyone anyway. unless Universal is gonna put your record out, dont sweat it. all the "big indies" get sued all the time for samples anyway.