has anyone ever heard anything like this?


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so I like making music, and I like my unique styles, even though its getting me nowhere fast, I try to post on here hoping to get opinions but its not happening but I'm going to keep trying

I've never heard anything like this, other than big chocolate but he has more of a random glitchy style



Bring it!
This style could work for the goth/industrial crowd, but it's not quite together yet. Your drums need a lot more attitude and I could see a phatter big beat / drumnbass style thing on this tune.

I'm not a fan of 'horror' influenced music but you should definitely keep at it.

Check out 'Xenomorph' and their album 'Cassandra's nightmare'...they share your thematics but with a goa/psy trance interpretation. Albeit that was like 12 years ago at least...

Kind of predictable, some of the transitions were expected. However, I did like the over all mix and sound of it. Definetly good for background music