Hard techno production


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I'm a begginer in hard techno production and I have few question that need to be answered:
1. Where can i find good hard techno (1999-2005 era) style loops?
2. Where can I find lessons and tutorial how produce this kind of style? - dont say youtube beacuse there are only few of them and most tutorial are minimal techno.
3. Which vsti are most popular for this kind of techno?


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yeah its major diference I know what Im talking about. Listen some track in 2000 techno era of Adam Beyer,UmekDanilo Vigorito,Technasia,Petar Dundov ect


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If you break the song down it is pretty simple.
Just listen to the individual sounds
For instance:
Kicks - K---K---K---K---K---K---K---K
Then you have your hats on the offbeat with a delay and slight reverb, then you have a few percussive hits, then add another with 3 hits slightly quicker hits then you have rides kicking in with a slight delay. Also try panning said instruments slightly.
Bass sounds like its sidechained.

A good thing with hard techno / schranz its all about the drive and percussion try breaking every little instrument down and it should help you
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