great sampler for home use


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1st time posting and recent enthusiast to the whole djing thang. I was interested in the roland sp-808 sampler, but have noticed that people are saying it is really a live DJs sampler, and I would not be using a sampler for live play. I want a good sampler for home use. mpc 2000 maybe?? help me decide yall!!

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mmhh i would suggest one of these "realtime boxes" (from best to cheapest):

. yamaha RS7000
. akai mpc2000xl
. Yamaha su700
. KORG Electribe ES-1
. Yamaha su200

the ones big abz mentionned are "ok" for djing, but to compose music they are too limited. This list is more profesional.

These are not "studio rack samplers" but will be great to work on in realtime. If you are new to all of this stuff these are easier to use as you dont need a computer to control them and to write music.

One last advice: always upgrade the RAM (memory) to MAX.


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the question is what do want to do with?
then u will have all the answers u need :D

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ahh i just saw that you said "i wont play live" so maybe you should get Cubase or Logic (sequencers), a good MIDI interface (midiman USB 4x4 is good), and a Yamaha A5000 or Akai S5000 (with USB option and latest OS) or something