good VSTS for classic rock


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Hey guys, ive just recently decided to get back into making music. i used to make hip hop as a youngster but as i matured my music tasted changed a lot.

I play guitar (to an ok.....ish standard) and id really like to get into making tracks again

So i would like to know some good VSTS for drums and Bass, and also the easiest way and equipment i will need to record my Fender Strat and my Frida Acoustic into FL12

Im really into Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Warren Zeevon, Lynryd Skynryd etc etc

I know this type of music is recorded with real instruments but im not in a band and im too old and busy to start now, but id like to carry on making what i can with the music i love.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks


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Greetings and welcome. Large question, so will try to give some general answers to help out. To begin with, in order to record audio you need at least the Producer version of FL Studio, as well as an audio interface. The interface will allow you to record your strat (direct in, or DI) as well as providing a mic pre for your acoustic. Sweetwater has a decent buyer's guide you can check out here - Roland and Focusrite have good low cost options, but there are many other choices - check the threads and consider what you need (how many inputs/outputs, midi, etc). Obviously, you will also need a mic (and stand) for your Frida acoustic, options vary greatly. You haven't mentioned your budget - easy to make high end recommendations, but as far as value for money, imho you can't beat the AKG Perception 170 for acoustic guitar.

For drums, there are many excellent programs currently available. Check out the demos from EZDrummer, Addictive Drums, Slate Drums, etc. It's amazing what these programs can do - in many cases, hard to distinguish it's not a real drummer. Personally recommend AD, a couple of the expansion packs suit your needs perfectly. And if budget is an issue, the free MT Power Drumkit 2 is hard to beat (pun intended ;)).

Bass - not as easy. Many have reported decent results by recording regular electric into a DAW, and then pitching down an octave or two. Just my opinion, but for what you are asking the Scarbee Bass stuff from NI might be a good choice. Less expensive options are available (sfz players and samples, for example), depends on budget.

Hope this helps, if you have more questions about free bass vstis please ask, and have fun.

Edit - btw, the Producer (and up) version of FL comes with many quite good plugins - have you checked them out?
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As ponka, i would recommend Addictive Drums, maybe its not as intuitive as EZDrummer but it has a lot more different kits and, for me, it sounds more realistic.
For the bass i reccomend the Kontakt Zombass 2 with some EZMix2 bass presets, i use it for djent and metal and it sounds killer. Also it has a lot of articulations and stuff to make it realistic if you do complex bass tracks.
And dunno if you already have something for guitar, but i gonna recommend you EZMix2 aswell. Its just 2 clicks for a good sound.


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thanks for the replies

my budget is basically whtever i feel like spending, theres not much 'bedroom producer' equipment that i couldnt afford, that being said im not gunna spend a great deal, like i said im more of a guitar player and this is just another little hobby, im just looking to maybe make some of my own drum beats to play along too etc, and also maybe make some tracks

yeh ive seen EZdrummer and that looks real great and i think the full version is only like £99 or something so i will prob get that.

and if bass is hard to come by thern i may just purchase a cheap bass guitar, always handy to have a bass :)

So i need an interface, a midi controller and some monitors

Thanks for all the help guys, like i said i used to have a bedroom studio once upon a time so i know what im doing when it comes to setting one up

Ill post up a pic of what it all looks like when i get it all sorted

Thanks guys