Glitch Sound and Justice Bass Lines


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Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion as far as how to get interesting glitch effects, like Justice, AFX Twin, Daft Punk, etc. And how to get the Justice bass sound...

Now, I know they used Cubased and aparently some Garageband to work their album but what I am interested in is how to reproduce this specific bass sounds and generally this glitchy feel in Logic, Reason or Pro Tools, my sequencers.

Thanks a lot!


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Audio Damage Replicant is good for creating some glitched up stuff.... i reckon they probably just edit the audio sloppy to get their sound though.

Try running your synths through a gate, chopping off all of the synth's release so the sound ends abruptly. use a really quick release... it will make the sound bitty


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i tried for a long time to find a plug in that does this stuff for you, but although replicant, livecut, and others are great it's not spontaneous.......replicant is a great investment though, as it is so cheap.....i recomend livecut to as it is free.........but find inspiration from these and figure out how you would do it manually.......that way you develop a style for doing it, and it sounds far less like ordered disorder....


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doogs said:
if you haven't got it already, check out dblue glitch :

As for the bass, my guess is layering, lots of layering, plus frequency band splits and different FX applied to each band...

i can't seem to get the glitch thing to work in FL8. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

sorry for bumping an old thread.