Getting Out There


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I've been sitting alone in my basement for quite some time making music and now feel like attempting to make something out of all this.

For those who are making money, no matter how much, how did you get in touch with people to sell your work to?

Was it luck? Is there some forum like this where I can get in touch with singers and rappers that are looking for instrumentals? Should I wander the bars and clubs asking anyone I can?

I see a lot of these sites where you can add your music to a database of beats and hope someone lands on yours, but there has to be a better, more direct way to deal with this.

Thanks for any help!


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just go out. go to your local establishments and talk to people. talk to djs and go to open mics. then move from there.


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jus my 2 cents but if your not the best at "just going out there" 1st off look at the ppl you already know im an extreme introvert and the only ppl i really f ukd with was my roomates and granted 1 of him was a rapper but i met a dookieload of other producers and rappers through them(some of them not so good) so next time you see sum1 from school who u normally wouldnt talk 2 shoot da dookie wit em rite quick cause a lot of people know a lot of ppl also myspace ect. when i was livin with my roomates i wasnt n a position 2 sell anything and im still not cause of life setbacks but anyway i used 2 look 4 female singers 2 sing hooks on my roomates songs majority of which i didnt produce and had a couple hit me up send me demos and what not. just cuz nobody else does doesnt mean you shouldnt use social network sites to...ACTUALLY NETWORK. GRANTED SOUNDCLICK AND SUCH IS LIKE A GROUP OF MEN RUNNIN UP 2 A WOMAN TRYNA GET HER NUMBER BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU CANT USE OTHER TECHNOLOGY 2 GAIN EXPOSURE AND CREATE CONNECTIONS AND I JUST REALIZED I KEPT THE CAPS LOCK and not 2 beat a dead horse but everyone you ever knew,know, and meet is a potential connection. if you live in a fairly big city you shouldnt have 2 hard of a time finding a poetry/spoken word spot or a club or venues that has battles or some variation of open mic where motivated rappers and singers and artist go. and if you dont then dont be afraid 2 drive a few hours the most 2 find some of these places
The key my friend is to put in one will buy your work if they dont know you work. Everyone wants to be a producer and everyone makes beats. You have to learn the business. This business is all about relationships and knowing the law of selling not going to give you a long list of what to do, just get out mingle, learn the business and put in work and go from there.