Getting Amp, Need Help


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Hi guys, I'm trying to produce dubstep, but I'm finding that my headphones don't portrait the low frequencies very well.
I have an RMX that I'm using right now connected to Ableton.
I also have two floor speakers that use speaker wire. The RMX uses rca plugs.
I'm thinking that getting an amp will solve my problem. I'm maxing at about $100 now so I was looking at this www(dot)amazon(dot)com/Sony-STR-DH100-2-Channel-Audio-Receiver/dp/tech-data/B001TP3CH8/ref=de_a_smtd
Only, I can't tell if the outputs are speaker wire. I'm a beginner at hardware, but I really need help to hear that grimey bass. Thanks.:hello:
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Your link is messed up, so we can’t take a look at anything right now. In general, amp and speakers are better then headphones alone; a pro audio amp and monitor speakers (with a flat response) are better than a home stereo/hi fi amp and home hi fi speakers (which is still better for mixing than just headphones)...