Fruityloop 3.0 - Fruity Ooops!!


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There was a MIDI template in FLP 2.5x - 2.7x so that you can connect your drum machine to create the durm pattern. I recently upgraded to FLP 3.0 but I couldn't find any MIDI template. Any idea ?



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Hey Cowby

I can get u pointed in the right direction anyway.

Under FXPresets/MidiOut (from the list on the left) ... load one of those presets into a channel (right click with the mouse after selecting a channel u want to assign the midi plugin to).

That midi plugin allows u to set the midiout channel fot that track ... and select the back/patch number ...

also ... below that ... kinda in the middle ... is a dark area that allows to to switch to diffent pages ... (that plugin allows for somthing like 10 pages of controller assignments) ...

I dont know how to use it very well yet (but from what ive read so far its much more powerfull that it initially looks).

That will get ya started anyway :) ... also there are a few post on this subject on the fruity boards ... check there as well.

Hope that helps,