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My name is Anatolii Vered, the owner & founder of "I am Ghost Producer".
Me and my team make and sell exclusive tracks with 100% of Copyright.

You can find any track and buy it at the shop.
After it you can do what you want with this song(s):
- Sign and Release at any Record Labels under your alias(name);
- Publish at Your social medias;
- Play everywhere.

Our website:

When you buy a track, you will receive:
- Extended Mix (Wav & Mp3);
- Radio Mix (Wav & Mp3);
- Instrumental Mix (Wav & Mp3) (if vocals were used in the song, you’ll get an instrumental version as well);
- The contract (where it is mentioned that you are a full track owner);
- All Stems files (Kick.wav, Bass.wav, Lead.wav, etc.);
- The Midi files.