From ATL to Jo'burg: The Ultimate "Fly Shit Only Remix" Music Video! 🌍🔥

Flip G

Just dropped a 🔥 music video for my track "Fly Shit Only Remix"! Quick backstory—started this joint in the heart of Atlanta, put it out on social media, and this dope kid from Johannesburg, South Africa, hit me up with a sick remix that blew my mind.

You gotta check out the visuals... It’s got that raw, urban vibe straight from ATL to Jo'burg. lol

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Remix Producer: Memzo-Made
IG: @memzotheGreat
Tiitter (X): Memzo_theGreat
YouTube: @Memzo-made
TikTok: @Memzo-made

Let’s get this global movement popping! 🌍✌️