FP Flip This Battle # 29

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FP Flip This Battle # 29

Entering the battle

  1. You may enter only one beat. Change-ups are welcome.
  2. Entry beat must mainly consist of the sample material provided. Other than having a provided sample act the main part, there are no restrictions so do what you feel like doing.
  3. Maximum length of the beat is 1 minute 30 seconds
  4. Entering the battle happens by posting a Soundcloud link or player in this thread. So no Soundclick, Youtube, DivShare etc. Soundcloud only!
  5. Entry will be closed on Sunday October 4th 9pm my time (Countdown Timer - Countdown to Oct 4, 2015 in Port of Spain). Plenty of time to put together something decent.


  1. Voting will happen in a new thread.
  2. All battle participants MUST vote. Not voting results in disqualification. Again, there will be a time limit of a week or so to cast your vote.
  3. We are not using the built in poll system. Instead, everyone will pick their top 3. First will get three points, second gets two points and third one point. All votes must go to other participants, so no self-voting. Points will be calculated in the end.
  4. If the voting ends in a tie between two or more participants, a mod will step in to act as a tiebreaker.

The winner will set up the next battle by copy-pasting the rules, picking new samples, setting new time limits and starting a new thread. The winner may also take part in the next battle so getting to choose the samples is somewhat a home field advantage.

FP admins will add the winner of the battle to a new exclusive usergroup declaring him/her as a champion. It will be visible below your screen name instead of "Registered User" unless you have set a custom one in profile settings.


Second Sample:


Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
loving the brian bennett - nuplex; the kind of stuff I like to write when I have the real people available to play it :)


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Thank you Crankman! I had a lot of fun with all three samples. I ended up settling on this one using Billy Preston. That original is def going in my regular listening rotation. Amazing.


I mainly used the first sample, and took vocals from the second sample.
Thanks... good songs to flip




****in' good choice of sample !!

Here's my beat, I used the first and the second sample !

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