FP Flip This Battle #24 Voting Thread

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Firstly, just a reminder that only battle participants may vote. And Secondly, all battle participants must vote. Those who don't cast their votes will be disqualified. These rules exist simply to ensure a fair voting.

Time limit for voting: Sunday June 28 9pm my time ( Nancy, France) Preferably everybody votes as soon as possible to get this moving on.

How to vote:
Select your top three beats made by your competitors (no self-voting )and state them clearly by posting on this thread like this:

1.producer8->gets 3 points
2.beatmaker3->gets 2 points
3.beatsmith5->gets 1 point

Commenting and feedback from other other participants is naturally welcome, but preferably at the soundcloud page.

After everybody has voted or the voting time has expired, I will sum up the points and announce the winner. And as I mentioned, the winner will receive a
and a user title to match from the admins and also gets to select the next samples and oversee the next battle.

In the event of a tie a moderator will step in to make a decision.


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Battle Champion!
1. norastokkebeats - 3 points; Reason: Totally authentic work...too much my views on that your track hah
2. ColdCase - 2 points; simply nice work...one and only bad thing in my opinion about your beat is your mix for drums...:/ other is exelent
3. Mago - 1 point; maybe becouse i like that style of beat...not complex, and i can get really good flow while rapping on it :D

ill mention also Fogsprod, nice underground vibe, PurpleSixRecordz and CheckYourHead; it is interesting beat, but reason why i havent gave you any point is that kick, sorry heh


1. soulfulmusic89 = 3 - most musical flip
2. Yokuzin = 2 - musical as well, nice west coast feel
3. Fogsprod = 1 - nice bass, alchemist/Havoc type of beat
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Osaka Watts

New member
My top 3

1 - Fogsprod -> 3pts
2 - mongopusher666 -> 2pts
3 - soulfulmusic89-> 1pt

Thks to all,
very interesting as experience
Yokuzin 3 pts
Crankman 2 pts
Dirty Third 1 pt.

Left some comments for you all. Thanks for the feedback too. Much appreciated!
This competition had some great stuff. Really inspiring to improve.
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