FP Flip This Battle #23 Voting Thread

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Firstly, just a reminder that only battle participants may vote. And Secondly, all battle participants must vote. Those who don't cast their votes will be disqualified. These rules exist simply to ensure a fair voting.

Time limit for voting: Sunday June 7th at 9pm US Eastern Time. Preferably everybody votes as soon as possible to get this moving on.

How to vote:
Select your top three beats made by your competitors (no self-voting )and state them clearly by posting on this thread like this:

1.producer->gets 3 points
2.beatmaker->gets 2 points
3.beatsmith->gets 1 point

Commenting and feedback from other other participants is naturally welcome, but preferably at the soundcloud page.

After everybody has voted or the voting time has expired, I will sum up the points and announce the winner. And as I mentioned, the winner will receive a
and a user title to match the admins and also gets to select the next samples and oversee the next battle.

In the event of a tie a moderator will step in to make a decision.


UsernameSoundcloud LinkSoundcloud Name
maxias1070 Beats
RPKBushido Beats
Id on Idid on id
RzRbeatsRzR productions
FogsprodFogs Prod
SleeepGSleEeP G BeatS
Imajinari BeingImajinari Being
inFormal_aJinFormal aJ

I accepted all beats past the deadline. Stevie Mack and Jandre were disqualified for providing invalid links.
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1. yokuzin 3 points
2. koollord 2 points
3. Elev8te 1 point

The 3 that stood out to me... great job everyone. I will come harder next time lol


Battle Champion!
1. CheckYourHead2727 - 3 points - Reason: Thats art...combined two samples, how i read...beautiful..:) (only thing i dont like there is drum colors but okay) good job really
2. DirtyThirdBeats - 2 points - Interesting ideas...even if i dont prefer adding instruments on samples, but your was originaly :)
3. koollrod - 1 point - man i dont like trap, but i dont think what you did is even possible with only one idea (sample) on the start...nice :)

To be honest, I like them also, but yeah i can take only 3 positions: mmc7 (nice groove) and Fogsprod (nice underground style and nice added bass)
3 pts Dirty third nice ear for a hook!
2 pts Yokuzin great use of simple chord change.
1 pts KoolLord Nice EDM Trap Flip. Like the Mix too.

Also shouts to SKJiveKenny and MMC and Mchop for nice grooves.

Good work all.


Battle Champion!
1. Yokuzin
2. Sjivekenny
3. oskarr

Love the competition. A lot of dope ideas in this thread. lets keep it goin!


Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
and voting is closed

Winner is Fogsprod with 15 votes
2nd was DirtyThirdBeats with 14 votes
3rd was Elev8te with 12 votes
Honourable mentions to koollord and skjivekenny with 11 votes

RPK, Imajinari Being, maxias, Narono, SleeepG were disqualified for not voting: this did not affect the outcome in one sense but may have affected it in another

next battle to start soon
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