found a gem


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Im not even sure if this qualifies as a dancehall track....but i was flippin through some old vinyl at the store..and i came across an old track by Ini Kamoze... Here comes the hotstepper. I played it once last weekend and people went crazy over it...they all forgot it existed...ans so did i. Im gonna be spinning at an all-night party for the seniors at my high school next definately gonna have to throw this on:D

However the sad thing is...i was watchign TV this week and a commercial came on for one of those reggae compilations... they played the song briefly and i got a little mad because I thought i was the only person who remmebered that song...:rolleyes:


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Everytime I hear "Heartbeat" by Taana Gardner I'm instantly reminded of "...Hotstepper", since it samples that bassline.