For Sale (or maybe trade...) Ecler Nuo 4.0


Comuno Domini

Well, I had this lying around. It's been sitting there doing nothing for well over 2,5 years.
Still a little over a month of warranty left from the (web)shop where I bought it from.

Used once, probably... Well, sure, maybe twice, although, I kinda doubt that.

I am looking to buy a Allen & Heath Xone:23C. I think that should be plenty for my needs.
Or, truth be told, just a very solid 2 channel mixer, with effects, usb, integrated soundcard, which can more or less match mine in terms of price.

If you have one... Let's trade. But yeah, mine is still worth quite a bit. :)

We'll see how it goes. :)

If I sell, well, I dunno, it's still worth €624 at Thomann and other stores. I paid €619 for it back in the day. (And yes, I realize, the warranty... not that much left.)

So, ... commence. :alcoholic:

Ecler Nuo 4.0.jpg

*Power cord is missing, as is all the rest it shipped with, what you see in the pic is all I have left of it.*
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