For Sale: Izotope Music Production Bundle 2


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I'm selling my Izotope Music Production Bundle 2

It's the full bundle with:
-Ozone 7 Advanced
-Neutron Advanced
-Nektar 2 Vocal Production Suite
-Trash 2
-Rx Plugin Pack

All the mixing, mastering and mangling you'll ever need.. and you can visualise and meter it too :bigeyes:
Seriously, this is a great bundle. Sick value when I bought it so even more so now.
The advanced versions of Ozone and Neutron mean they come as individual plug-ins as well and Ozone includes the Vintage effects which IMO are essential.

If you're quick you can still make use of Izotope's upgrade offers to the new Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 and Music Production Suite, which includes the upgraded VocalSynth 2 as well.

400,- Euro and the whole package will be transferred, legally, into your Izotope account!
Send me a PM if you're interested.