[For Sale] 2 x Mackie XR824


Comuno Domini

So, I have two Mackie XR824's for sale.
They're still like 10 months under warranty with Thomann.

I don't have the original power supply cables anymore though, I lost them.
They still work fine, I tested them with other PS cables I had still lying around.

I used them for like a year and a half or so... and then, they were just standing there somewhere in a corner, not doing anything with them.

I am from Belgium.

Asking price, well, truth be told, just give me your best offer.

I've put them on a Belgian site for secondhand stuff, and I ask €550. And, bidding starting at €505.
However, I would, if possible, like to get like €500 or so, at least that. I think they're (at the very least) still worth that.
I want to get rid of them asap.

But, like I said, give me your best offer. :-)



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