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WIndows movie maker is it for the windows camp....

however - i just bought Sony Vegas 8 and it's leaps and bounds over all that free sh*t out there... spend some time and step your game up.
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I definitely agree with you TheAnomoly, Windows Movie Maker is a great, 'just starting out' program to use for Windows and IMovie (Windows Movie Maker pt 2) for Mac users. It'll give you experience in editing and splicing and just all around laying out a good video. However, like with production for a better product you'll have to spend a lil cheddar.

Orrrrrrrrr.....and I don't condone this at all, but if you were able to maybe download a copy of a higher-end editor like saaayyy... Final Cut Pro, Avid, or Vegas from Ares or MIRC you could use it for 'educational' purposes so long as you promise to buy the real day.

But seriously, Windows Mov. Maker/ IMovie are cool for starters, they'll keep you busy for hours, I still use them to this day for quick edit jobs.

Hope that helped someone...

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