Flip this Battle #40


Battle Champion!
Flip This Battle #40


Entering the battle

1. You may enter only one beat.
2. Entry beat must mainly consist of the sample material provided. Other than having a provided sample act the main part, there are no restrictions so do what you feel like doing.
3. Maximum length of the beat is 1:30 (1 min 30 sec).
4. Entering the battle happens by posting a Soundcloud link or player in this thread. So no Soundclick, Youtube, DivShare etc. Soundcloud only!
5. Entry will be closed on Sunday June 26th 7pm my time Current local time in Maryland, United States


1. Voting will happen in a new thread.
2. Only battle participants can vote.
3. And all battle participants MUST vote. Not voting results in disqualification. Again, there will be a time limit of a week or so to cast your vote.

We are not using the built in poll system. Instead, every battle participant will pick their top 3. First will get three points, second gets two points and third one point. All votes must go to other participants, so no self-voting. Points will be calculated
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Yo guys, keep the flips coming.

Sorry that things have been dead. Miggy2tone has been saving us by moderating the Flip This! forum, I'm gonna see if he still has time to do that. In the meantime, the Battle Champions table has been updated. Let me know if I got any of the details wrong for Battle 38, otherwise keep the flips comin!


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I sampled the first video. My bad I'm late. Felt like trying to get homework into to school late haha. Thanks for the help DEEJAYG.

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