Flip This Battle #35 Voting Thread


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FP Flip This Battle #335- Voting

Firstly, just a reminder that only battle participants may vote. And Secondly, all battle participants must vote. Those who don't cast their votes will be disqualified. These rules exist simply to ensure a fair voting.

Time limit for voting: Sunday, 6th March 2016. my time: 8PM, Toronto time. Preferably everybody votes as soon as possible to get this moving on.

How to vote:
Select your top three beats made by your competitors (no self-voting )and state them clearly by posting on this thread like this:

1.producer8->gets 3 points
2.beatmaker3->gets 2 points
3.beatsmith5->gets 1 point

Commenting and feedback from other other participants is naturally welcome, but preferably at the soundcloud page.

After everybody has voted or the voting time has expired, I will sum up the points and announce the winner. And as I mentioned, the winner will receive a and a user title to match from the admins and also gets to select the next samples and oversee the next battle.

In the event of a tie a moderator will step in to make a decision.


UsernameSoundcloud LinkSoundcloud Name
Augusts-Onehttps://soundcloud.com/bladimir-valdes/you-2Bladimir Valdes
daFunk Knockzhttps://soundcloud.com/dafunk-knockz/long-time-fp-35dafunk-knockz

P.S - Hendu12; I tried adding your flip but the link doesn't work. Please pm me a working link today and i will add it
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1.esquiremusic111->gets 3 points
2.themikep87->gets 2 points
3.infamousthechamp->gets 1 point

Awesome job everybody :cool: May the best win!
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1. Ilposen
2. nubash (like the ideas but production isnt very well in my opinion (overcompressed kick for example))
3. MisterBombay - 1 point -Ah i when i heard first melody after intro i though it would be amazing, but you kept that one melody (without changing the 'chords'), whyyy :/


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@docta-detroit, yeah, this is voting thread. Wait for the next one, it will be sticky, and you can see there when you should post your flip.


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esquiremusic111 link is one of my old battle beats. And my link is DJ Koolard link from the same old battle.

Heard everything....

infamousthechamp - 3 pts

ILPOSEN - 2 pts

koollord - 1 pt


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Ok, let's wrap this up. I got busy and didn't get to submit mine. Since I had listened to them on the battle thread, I didn't listen on the voting thread. Sorry I didn't catch the messed up links. On the the battle results, which shake out like this...

1st Place - ILPOSEN with 10 points
2nd Place - QMysticProductions with 8 points
3rd Place - Technically a tie between Yokuzin and daFunk Knockz with 4 points. Non-voters had 8,7, and 4 points as well.

Congrats ILPOSEN. Start the next one and I'll get it sticky. Good job everybody.