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Firstly, just a reminder that only battle participants may vote. And Secondly, all battle participants must vote. Those who don't cast their votes will be disqualified. These rules exist simply to ensure a fair voting.

Time limit for voting: Sunday July 19th 9:00 pm my time (Huntsville, Alabama) Preferably everybody votes as soon as possible to get this moving on.

How to vote:
Select your top three beats made by your competitors (no self-voting )and state them clearly by posting on this thread like this:

1. producer8 -> gets 3 points
2. beatmaker3 -> gets 2 points
3. beatsmith5 -> gets 1 point

Commenting and feedback from other other participants is naturally welcome, but preferably at the soundcloud page.

After everybody has voted or the voting time has expired, I will sum up the points and announce the winner. And as I mentioned, the winner will receive a and a user title to match from the admins and also gets to select the next samples and oversee the next battle.

In the event of a tie a moderator will step in to make a decision.


Username Soundcloud Link Soundcloud Name
e​SKay-Beats1 e​SKay-BEATS

A-Double Addverb

RZRbeats RzR Productions

yokuzin yokuzinbeats

mmc7 MoneyMusicClassic

TheArciDiavolo Arci Diavolo

Oskarr Oskarr​On​Wax

Red X The Pupil

mongopusher666 bɵɵzebeats

Crankman Crankman

StevieMack Stevie 3:16


koollord DJKoollord


Elev8te Elev8te

tariqthasheik Tariqtha​Sheik

Need a working link from air_icarus
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1. A-Double -> 3 points
2. eSKay-Beats1 -> 2 points
3. mmc7 -> 1 point
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Aye yo not trying to cause trouble or nothing or make a big deal out of nothing, but eskay beats is clearly way over the allotted time limit. I don't mind folks going over by a few seconds....but the rules clearly state 1:30 as the time limit.


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1. eSkay - So mellow, I lit up a joint just to listen to this.
2. yokuzin - Those drums are tasty!
3. Was gonna give this to koollord for originality, but in the end decided to go for Redx. Love the chopped vox
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My fault big guy, I mis-read the rules I thought it was At Least 1:30 long.

i have the same 2 verses. So think of it as I only submitted one verse



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1. eSKay - 3 points
2. mongopusher666 - 2 points
3. SOEN - 1 point

I also really liked RZRbeats but felt that it could've been mixed better.


Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
voting is now closed and we have a clear winner

1st place goes to A-Double with 17 points
2nd place goes to eSKay-Beats1 with 13 points
3rd place goes to mmc7 with 12 points

mongopusher666, koollord and air_icarus were disqualified for not voting - this did not affect the winners directly

new battle starts soon
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