Fl users whos FLP files get corrupt


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Hi Guys

Not sure if you guys have ever experienced this(An error occured while reading the FLP file it may be corrupted, or some plugin caused an error while opening), It happend to me just today cause i was playing around with that stupid chrome plugin and it messed my project up. Tried to open it No luck.

I have just upgraded to FL6 I never had this problem in FL5 i might downgrade if this ever happens again HOWEVER

Stressing about I found a forum in which some guy says to use a hex editor and look for certain things n change blah blah blah. Since i was using version 6 it wouldnt correspond to what he was saying. So I just started recreating it but 5 minutes into that I thought it wasnt going to sound the same.

Well my point is that I did manage to restore the file, not fully though however I was able to keep the channels in the step sequencer (minus the stupid chrome channel) with all midi recorded notes, the proper fx inserts for each channel and panning/volume levels.

However the fx plugins i had were not there anymore and the patterns were not drawn on the play list anymore, It was fine redrawing them as i named my patterns quite well, and as for the effects I remember the settings i used and which effects i used.

Now for the good part(I have no knowledge of using a hex editor so im sure anyone can do this) Basically use a hex editor one i found was this: http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm#download
its free :) and open the corrupt file, Open another instance of the hex editor and open an FLP file which is a larger size than the corrupt one.

Now Look for address A in both hex editors, copy the value of the bytes (i had to type them manually) from the non corrupt file to the corrupt one up to address 14(inclusive) . I only had to type like 10 characters or some ****, but this saved me a lot of headache.

If you guys want detailed instructions on how to do this let me know and ill post some step by step guides n ****. Maybe not all files can be restored but it saved my ass!


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Bak when i had fl 3 my files got corrupt.
But now i have fl 5 and 6.
All the plug-ins in 5 i dont own in six.
If you ask me i think 6 simi suc.


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thanks for the tips dansta, I always save a new flp as I'm building the track,in case a power outage or crash, and I don't overwrite, so by the time I'm done with a track I'll have a dozen flps of the same track. So i have backups, but may lose the most recent improvements.


There is an official tool you can download from the imageline techsupport forum which repairs corrupted flps. No need for a hex editor.
Of course you'll need to be registered to the site to access it, so this might be a good workaround for people using cracked versions. blah. lol. :)
No offence intended. :)


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I wish i knew of this tool lol

I also forgot to mention - as soon as you find an flp is corrupt load up the backup.flp file and hope as it saves the last opened project. If i had done that instead of loadin other flps to find out the problem it might have saved me some headache lol but i cant complain im happy i have my track and thats all that matters :)

And remember DONT USE CHROME!!!! as cool as it is it may **** up your ****!


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well i only experienced this corruptness back when i was using fl3... but from then on i had always practised making a backup of each file that i fancied.

But once in a while i get do get that message but usually it is because of some synth failing to load. That happens to me often as sometimes when i virus scan i accidentally delete a .dll file that is needed for the synth to load up proper. A quick re-install does the trick.


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plz send me the direct link of the recovery tool

and also tell me detailed procedure to recover data from flp file using hex editor


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Well playa, when this happens it means you used an vst fx, or vsti that caused a problem, either it wasnt loaded right saved right or something, so youll have to try to figure out what fx or sound that it was, uninstall it and reinstall it, i had to go through this a couple times.. and its a hassle, but it is what it is