Fl Studio Tutorials for Cubase


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As there arent that much tutorials for Cubase on YT I would like to know if I can use Fl Studio tutorials for Cubase.
But still...I just do not know how to learn producing.I mean Kanye West did not watch YT videos either.And I never heard that Kanye West plays piano extremely well...How did he learn to produce???


Are you looking for info on how to do things in cubase or info on how to produce? It's not clear to me...

General getting started info is at the top of this sub forum- for cubase information consult the manual


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Re: Kanye West; Answer-- By watching, listening, experimenting and trying.

An extremely negative development of the confluence of the digital era, the "information age," the DAW world, the (for lack of a better term) "T Ball Generation," and the general impact of the fast-food life, is that everyone wants everything NOW, without any work or patience involved. We can see it here everyday in the way questions are asked, and the response if the poster doesn't get the pre-conceived answer they want, or in a way that in their view is not timely enough (no offense or misrepresentation meant to the OP, but if you read much of the new content here, you will see it's true).

There is no wiki or faq that will give you everything you will need to know to compose music, let alone all that plus advanced intricacies of any specific digital emulation of traditionally analog recording processes, plus arranging, mixing, mastering, etc., etc., etc. There are only a few ways to gain deep knowledge of a subject or process. One would be to go the traditional route-- classes, lessons, receiving tutoring. Another would be an apprenticeship. A third would be learning on your own, through trial and error, in the "school of hard knocks." That last option takes time and patience. In fact, all three do. As they used to say, "You can have it 'Good,' 'Quick,' or 'Cheap;' pick any two." You are not going to get a free and inexpensive education quickly.

Slow down. Try things. Find out what it is that you even want to ask. Trial and error. It will make you stronger than any quick-fix can ever offer you.
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