FL Studio Step by Step


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Hi guys, I wanted to open this thread and try to get a lot of viewers adding their content and input in here. The videos that should be posted here are for specific programming applications in FL Studio. That is, most of us can already find many tutorial videos on the basics, but let's start posting more obscure things that many people may not understand fully. For example, for those who use Kontakt and other native instruments software, you may be confused on how to route the plugin mixer into FL Studio's native mixer. Here's how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPBZyBJ2u-Q&list=PLJczCS-OTBMqL6quWWzSP5wMf-MqGgKyF&index=1

In another example, some producers might be using MIDI Controllers like the Novation Launchpad. Although the launchpad was specifically designed for use in Ableton, there are ways to program/configure it into FL Studio, and I have a video here that explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD1nJa13HSA&list=PLJczCS-OTBMqL6quWWzSP5wMf-MqGgKyF&index=4

These are two great videos that are not so easy to understand without outside help. Note that I was the creator of these tutorial videos, but I truly feel that they are thorough in their explanations, and will prove to be beneficial if needed. Please add anything else you think many people would not normally know how to do. Think of something, a problem or situation, that you personally struggled with in one of your projects...now show everyone on this thread exactly how you learned to do it. By all contributing to the thread, we can easily make FL Studio more user friendly for beginners and experts alike. I look forward to everyone's input.