FL Studio. Mac or PC?


I want to know whether I should still use FL Studio on a Mac or go back to PC. I started on a PC in 2001. I started using macs from 2006 all the way up now. I like macs but it's getting too expensive for me now. I do 95% of my music in FL Studio and the rest in Logic. I'm redoing all the projects I did in Logic in FL Studio. Last windows OS I knew was XP. My question, is Windows 10 too much for a person who has been using macs for over 13 years?
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I know some Mac users might get salty but yes go ahead and use windows. It's cheaper, it does the same stuff. A lot of videos / tutorials for FL are made using windows so you might as well just try to blend in.

I have never been able to afford a mac but from my experience with life if you ever have questions about something it's probably not what you want to do.

Every windows is the same, yes there's differences in the presentation/design but it's pretty much all the same.