FL Studio Creator Died in Car accident


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just found out from a friend he died last week in a car accident

Fruity Loops software developer Juan Antonio Argüelles, aka Arguru, has died in a car accident.

Translated via hispasonic.com:

“Arguru, virtual programmer of Image Line (FL Studio) and creator of sintes of DiscoDSP, passed away yesterday near Benalmádena (Malaga), in a car accident.

Yesterday Sunday 3 of June, to 18:45 hours, the car of Juan Antonio [left the road] in the AP-7, near Benalmádena (Malaga), despeñando themselves and ending its life. Its burial was celebrated Monday to 17:30 today, in the park cemetery of Malaga, company of its relatives and friends more close friends.

Arguru was [hispasónico nº 2,751], one of most veteran. He was [sworn of IV the Musical Battles], celebrated in the spring of 2004, and many moments, active participant of our forums.

But mainly,] the 19 of July of 2002, George was known to found the company [DiscoDSP along with Real. DiscoDSP is the person in charge of sintes as famous as [Discovery] and Vertigo. In [December of year 2002] we already gave account of one of his first products, NightShine.

Arguru was a great professional, who called the attention by the quality of his creations. Sintes of DiscoDSP is surely the perfected and powerful virtual instruments more of the market, without concessions in quality of sound.

The community to tracker will have without a doubt a great memory of Arguru thanks to [Aodix], secuenciador-tracker very powerful, that incorporated professional MIDI, support VST and other characteristics. ] Was also an important component of [Smartelectronix and the scene [Buzz].

In 2004,], the creative company of the famous FL Studio left DiscoDSP to give to the jump to [Image Line. Arguru had a great implication in the development of FL Studio 7; it created in addition sampler Directwave, and very recent [Deckadance], a software for DJs.

He was referring an absolute one of the small group of Spaniards who dedicate themselves professionally to the musical technology. Some we already remembered to him from the excited ones to char them of IRC-Hispanic. Arguru always emphasized by its seriousness and the deep knowledge of the synthesis and the programming.

A great loss, to an age in which nobody would have to leave this world. From we give to many spirits to family and friends him, and left to a sense memory for the brilliant Arguru here, to which we will never forget in Hispasonic.”


Those are really sad news. Especially because I own a lot of stuff Arguru created, and was looking forward for anything he had to add to his amazing products. He will live forever with the stuff he brought to us.
He wasn't though one of the creators of FLS. He joined the group a few months/years ago.
As far as I've read there are people who will pick up his work and not let what Arguru started simply let fade away. a really noble move if you ask me.
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There is a tribute to him at the Image-Line website. He actually died over a month ago, not last week. The article quoted by the original poster actually says it was on June 3rd. Here is the link to the info at IL: http://www.image-line.com/argu.html

Like Sqito said, he was not the creator of FL, just a developer on staff. He was responsible for the DirectWave Sampler and was part of the DeckaDance team.


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Rest in peace man

You'll never know how/when your life could end..

Condolences.. to his loved ones for such a loss..

Fl Studio is such a popular program, enjoyed by many people..

The Legacy has begun...
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He was also one of the most influencial developers in the tracker movement.

Just off the top of my head here's the tracker projects he started.
Renoise(when it was noisetrekker), Psycle, Aodix, and also developed many buzz machines.

Deffinantly one of the more skilled developers of our time.


Mattman04 said:
Just off the top of my head here's the tracker projects he started.
Renoise(when it was noisetrekker), Psycle, Aodix, and also developed many buzz machines.

the guy never touched renoise.

Mattman04 said:
Deffinantly one of the more skilled developers of our time.

yeah that's true.


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R.I.P. my dude, saw this on FLStudio.com and was greatly sadden by the news. Many prayers go out to family and friends indeed.


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moses said:
the guy never touched renoise.

I thought Renoise was based off of Noisetrekker's code.
After some research I see Renoise was rewrote from the ground up.
No doubt that Arguru influenced the inspiration for Renoise however.