FL Studio 12 - Random Static Noise While Using Plugin.. HELP..!


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so ive been out of the game for quite a while and just got back into the swing of things and recenly downloaded some vst's after falling in the rabbit hole of youtube videos of free plugins.. after i installed them i gave them a quick test run and now im getting issues with only certain vst's.. Mainly "MPowerSynth" (MeldaProduction), ill pick my sound which at the time was a bass and ill play my melody only to get a random subtle white noise hiss for about 5 seconds then dissapear.. it goes in and out randomly at this point and while the white noise comes on everything else cuts out.. i tried fucking with the sample rate and buffer length in the audio settings to see if that would fix it, nope.. Also im on my new lenovo laptop with a ryzen 7 16gb ram 516gb ssd so i doubt its a hardware issue.. also noticed on the "MSoundFactory" and a couple other vsts with the whole "M" thing in front says its now missing sounds and i gotta redownload them.. and now my mpowersynth says its a demo version?

anyway my main question is, whats the deal with this sudden white noise randomly? is it something with the audio settings? vst itself? perhaps the fact its randomly a demo version now? 64bit or 32bit? idk what the hell is going on but the bassline i had was sick and i need help to fix this plzandthankyew... :hmmm: