First official fix for saving projects made with Hypersonic 2 for use in 64-bit OS

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Just for clarification purposes,mods, I realize HS 2 is a discontinued product that is now heavily bootlegged but I have a legal copy of Hypersonic and I even have a f*ckin dongle taking up space on my usb hub to use it. This thread is just to teach those who DO have it (means of having not necessary to know) how to use it in their Windows 7 or 8-64 bit.

** This is really meant for users of FLSTUDIO**​

Okay, like many of you, when I upgraded to the new Windows and transferred all of my projects to my new PC, I discovered that none of the ones with Hypersonic tracks would open. I googled the ends of the Earth looking for a solution and there isn't one. Don't bother buying J-Bridge,as the latest FL Wrapper(2.5 and up) has bridging capabilities. Fl 10 is of course 32-bit and will run any 32-bit plugin flawlessly and will bridge any 64bit my case Halion Sonic 2. The thing with Hypersonic is that Steinberg simply hasn't updated the can run it in FL 10 and below (11 is 64 bit) but you won't be able to save unless you craft everything that you wanna do and THEN export as a Wav or MP3. You'll have to learn MIDI outing though as more than one instance will insta-crash FL. You CAN route MIDI OUT channels to the mixer...PM me for details on how. Anyway, here's the part you've been waiting for. There is a way to save your projects from doom. It is time consuming but very worth it if you want to use those lost, dope beats.

Now,my machine is pretty souped up: custom built,led lights,more memory than I could ever need (32GBs),like 4TB of space..really meant for running HD video games so I'm not sure the minimum requirements of the following. There is a program called Windows Virtual PC. It came installed on my machine when I got it built,but I'm sure it's available for purchase. Anyway, just think of it as an know like how we play old Sega and NES games today. You have a whole Windows XP OS within your OS. It'll have it's own hardrive space and RAM (512MB is the standard; mine runs based on my actual hardware). IF you full screen'll see that it's the real thing. It has "integration mode" which incoporates all of the drivers and usb devices on your actual system into it. All you do once you get it up and running and is hit "my computer" and your real life hard drives will show up as "removable storage" the corresponding letter to wherever your FL install file is. Install your FL on the Virtual before you open it..go and do the same thing for all of your you'll need everything in your FLP installed before you open so that it'll open exactly as you last saved it. This means..your Ozones.Waves, or whatever. Yes, you'll have to re-register them for use with your XP OS..remember this is considered a seperate machine. Once you have all of your ish re-installed on your Virtual it's time to open FL and open up that project with the Hypersonic 2 channels...voila!! They all open flawlessly.

Now, I personally, don't produce with my Virtual PC...I only got it to get my Hypersonic tracks..but you can. Anytime you wanna make something with Hypersonic..just do it on your Virtual WILL save your work(presets and all). ANOTHER NOTE!!! Remember to export your songs to your REAL LIFE MACHINE!!! otherwise you'll have to open the Virtual PC anytime you wanna retrieve it as I have found no way to access my Virtual PC's files outside of it. Just hit export and find your real world PC's hard drive in the "my computer" section...if you have more than one..again..look for the corresponding letter. Click Save..and can open it up and master in whatever you have on your real world machine. You can even track it out and export all the files to your real life machine if you do it that way. Anyway....hope this was helpful because it's the only way to use Hypersonic on 64-bit OS..



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My brotha, I hope you are still doin your thing! Just wanted to shoot you a BIIIIG THANKSSS for this info! You just saved my life! musically speaking, haha!