Finding A Music Manager (For the Newbies out there)

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Good managers will see potential. Good artists see good potential in managers.

I manage a small beat making team, I think when your starting off you just have to find someone and split it 50/50, but you need someone to handle the marketing side. Make no long term commitments buy understand the value of teamwork.


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What can I do aside from cranking out tracks to be proactive? Is it worth it to try and contact agencies, labels, agents, etc.?
How can I be proactive so I better my CHANCES of someone approaching me? I think my music is up to par or better than many artists out there, but I’ve only managed to gain around 8,000 plays on an obscure music site. There must be some way of getting an opportunity to speak to the right people, right?
¿Por qué todos necesitan un gerente, no podemos administrarnos a nosotros mismos?

No creo que tú también sepas hacerlo, seguro que esa persona ha estudiado y tiene años de experiencia, para lograr lo que hace se necesitarían 10 años, contratándolo tendrías toda esa experiencia en unos meses. Sin nombrar los contactos y facilidades que te ofrece
The best way for you to not get smacked in the face when finding, interacting, and eventually working with a manager is to familiarise yourself with legal terms. The negotiation stage can be the most bloody part of the legal process - and you need to arm yourself with the right equipment.

When I was working for an agency drafting proposals for marketing and social media - we would always make it a point to make sure that both parties know 100% what they're getting themselves into. People, sadly, still make the mistake of not reading the fine print. So, before you put your signature on any piece of paper - have someone else (preferably in the legal expertise) review your contract, get second opinions from your friends or family, and THEN - only then, would you commit yourself. That'll save you buckets of tears and sweat.