Film sound track. F4F

Young Wynn

Hey guys. Looking for feedback. This is more of a theme/movie feel sound to me. I'd love to hear what you guys think and anything else.

I wil definitely give back feedback on your music.


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Good track. You may be add different sounds for listeners. Soft synths and musicbox vsts are useful for this genre. Good luck!


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It's very nice, it evokes images. Some sound processing to enhance that I think would help the mood.


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it is too short but don't add anything but more of the same in endless loops maybe very good stuff.
I like how you laid out the elements with the panning. The constant pad sound is soothing and sits well without too much low end frequencies, but just enough that it feels nice and warm. Maybe for the ending you could use automation to make the sounds dissipate with a sweeping pad with some white noise or something. Nice work, I enjoyed it. :)


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I've just been watching Living with yourself on netflix and this soundtrack gives off a similar vibe, its nice